The Test Strand Kit


Product Information


12 Test Strand Charts Included.

This kit was designed by Leda Fazal to include the right amount of lightener and developer to perform at least 12 test strands. Also included are two tint brushes and 12 one-of-a-kind Test Strand Result Charts to give to your clients and set realistic lift expectations.

Leda’s Test Strand Kit includes:

12 of Leda’s Test Strand Charts
2 Oro Therapy Bleach Packets (75g)
Oro Gold Activator (150ml) in level 20 and 30-vol
2 Fanola Tinting Brushes

Product Listing:

Oro Therapy Bleach: Formulated with keratin proteins and argan oil to gently lift hair up to 8 levels without causing damage or dehydration.

Gold Activator in level 20 vol: An easy-mix activator that enriches the color and helps maintain the health of the hair to give a fuller, healthier lift.

Tinting Brushes: A well designed tool to give you an easy brushing action.