Square Stainless Steel Styling Chair Base With Pump

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Product Information


The stainless steel square base is an elegant modern style with extra sturdiness. The 20 square inches keep off any wobbling or tipping while you pump the chair up and down in the 4.5 inches of variable height.  The extra weight of the square plate and pump gives you more stability for the top heavy chairs.  It's a handy thing to have under your chair. But if something goes out on it, things can get pretty inconvenient. When you need a fresh dose of hydraulics or smooth turning action again, a replacement base is the answer.

Sleek chrome finishing
Durable square base with hydraulic pump

Adjustable Height Range: 4.5"
Base Size: 20" Square side
Weight: 39 lbs

Some assembly is required.
Note: Replacement bases are guaranteed to only fit salon chairs sold from SalonGuys.  For all other chair brands you may need different brackets or different bolts.