Square ABS Shampoo Bowl With Faucet and Sprayer

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Product Description

This glossy sink is simply styled and well built. The industrial grade ABS plastic has a clean, shiny look that lets you wipe away all the excess soap and dye without a problem. It comes with a solid chrome handle and rubber spray hose that are easy to use, and the whole thing mounts to the wall on T-bar brackets. It will look great in combination with any chair you pull up to it, and the roomy, deep bottom and square shape won't cramp your style either. It's an economical means to a clean, reliable end. Be sure to check your City Code to see if a Vacuum Breaker (MS-03) is required. Add a Hair Trap (MS-13) to guard the pipes. Add a Neck Rest (MS-31) to guard the neck. NOTE: This bowl does not fit on the SU-33 or SU-34. Please refer to the SU-11C.


  • Stain-resistant acrylic plastic
  • Chrome faucet (MS-37) with 1/2" female connectors
  • Includes a rubber spray hose (MS-38), a Flex Tube (SG-07) and Cap Cover (MS-10)
  • Mounting Bracket T-Bar


  • Length: 19.25"
  • Width: 18.75"
  • Depth: 10.5"



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