Lomasi Body Lotion 2 oz
Lomasi Body Lotion 2 oz
Lomasi Body Lotion 2 oz

Lomasi Body Lotion 2 oz

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Product Description

Lomasi has created a special blend of moisturizing ingredients that delivers the greatest results. The lotion spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly and thoroughly into any skin type. Not only does this long-lasting lotion leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth, it also contains powerful anti-oxidants to help protect skin from harmful elements we encounter on a daily basis.


  • Spreads smoothly.
  • Absorbs completely.
  • Use for any skin type.
  • Does not leave greasy residue.
  • Long-lasting moisture.
  • Hydrates skin thoroughly.
  • Leaves skin silky smooth.
  • Contains 3x as powerful anti-oxidants than green tea.
  • Protects skin from harmful elements.
  • Light, sweet fragrance.
  • Reduces effects of pollution, chemicals, and stress.
  • Reduces sun damage.
  • Use all over body.
  • Paraben-Free.
  • Has soothing emollients.





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