Jatai Feather Pro Super Blades - 20 ct

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Product Information

UPC: 4902470090009

FEATHER has set the standard in manufacturing the sharpest and safest razor cutting blades in the industry. The cutting edge of the FEATHER blade is designed to give you the cutting control you need to be creative. The blade fits snug into the handle and does not chatter or move when cutting. Although surgically sharp, these blades are very safe for you and your client. To replace, slide the handle onto the new blade and remove from the blade dispenser. With our blade changing system, never touch the blade with your fingers. It is completely safe, easy and fast!


  • The most durable Artist Club razor blade.
  • Recommended for thick beards.
  • Designed to not pull or pluck hair as you shave.
  • Professional, smooth shave.
  • Honed & ground with an edge.
  • Platinum hardened & coated.
  • Very close, smooth shave.
  • For professional use.


  • 20 blades per pack