Jack Dean Finishing Pomade
Jack Dean Finishing Pomade

Jack Dean Finishing Pomade

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Product Description

John Denman Dean - known to everyone as 'Jack Dean' - was many things: engineer, racing driver, entrepreneur, writer and inventor of the original Denman styling brush.Originally from Northern Ireland, he travelled all over the world drawing inspiration and ideas from his many adventures. His pioneering spirit is reflected in this new range of gentlemen's grooming products formulated using exotic and exciting fragrances from across the globe.The Jack Dean collection is a complete styling system formulated to cleanse, condition and style the hair. It features classic hair lotions and tonics including Eau de Quinine, Eau de Portugal and American Bay Rum which are the very essence of the golden age of travel and adventure.


  • A light hair dressing which contains camellia and coconut oils.


  • Size: 3.5 oz



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