Iced Out with Fanola Pro Artist Ceann Cherry 6/22/20


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Iced Out with Fanola Pro Ceann Cherry @blondebyceann at:
Salon Guys
5980 88th Street
Sacramento, Ca 95828

Ceann Cherry is a Fanola Pro Artist and specializes in high-level blonding and loves to do hair but knows there is more to being a hairstylist that cut, color, and style. What truly motivates Ceann is seeing the twinkle in her client's eyes as she transforms their hair, giving them that extra boost of confidence; after all, if you feel good, you do good. Ceann started hair in eastern Washington but soon found herself moving around city to city such as Seattle, where she excelled in her education to Bellevue, Washington, where she realized corporate salons were not her niche. Then Ceann landed in Scottsdale, Arizona, making a name for herself and creating a brand unique to the beauty world.

Food and beverages will be included.

What you’ll learn during this education class:

Ceann will be demonstrating a bleach & tone on one live model, she will also be talking about some of her favorite Fanola formulas, how to create one-of-a-kind colors, and situations you may encounter in the salon. 

  • How to mix and apply Fanola Oro Therapy Bleaching Powder
  • Formulate and apply our No Yellow Color Line
  • Application tips on formulating and applying an iced blonde color
  • Benefits of the Fiber Fix System
  • Experience tips in applying bleach and color to the model’s hair
  • High-level lifting tips and techniques

Ticket Pricing $100

Those who attend will go home with a Fanola Goodie Bag that is valued up to $100:

  • Fanola Vegan No Yellow Shampoo and Mask, 350ml
  • Fanola No Yellow Colors 9 Ice, 10 Ice, and T.02
  • Fanola Fiber Fix n2 Bond Connector, 100ml 
  • Fanola Oro Gold Activator 10 and 20-vol, 150ml
  • Fanola Cutting Cape

*Tickets are non-refundable.*