Icarus "Landon" Black Reception Guest Waiting Bench Chair With Backrest

$499.99 $374.99

Financing: $12.00/month

Product Description

In the beauty business, chic is the name of the game, especially if we're talking about the "Landon" reception couch. The "Landon" lends itself well to other upscale salon furnishings and pairs well with other salon decor. Upholstered in a soft PVC vinyl, the "Landon" is easy to keep clean and maintain. It's also durable and built to last, and will definitely power through normal wear and tear. The cushioning is padded nicely so comfort is also a priority. Great for waiting areas and reception rooms, the "Landon" offers plenty of seating space without sacrificing aesthetics.


  • Unique reception bench design.
  • Soft PVC vinyl upholstery.
  • Well-padded cushion.
  • Plenty of seating space.
  • Great for waiting areas.


  • Height: 33"
  • Seat Height: 17"
  • Width: 50"
  • Depth: 24"



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