Hair Coloring Bowl Set with Holder

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Product Information

UPC: 736983099976

Color bowls need to stick together, especially when you're in the heat of painting hair. This set includes three mixing bowls so you have plenty of places to keep all your formulas, and a clamp that holds them together. This gives you an easy way to carry all three bowls around from your stations to your trolley, or simply to keep them close and steady. It's a must-have set for colorists who tackle complex jobs.


  • Includes three mixing bowls
  • Secure clamp for carrying
  • Measuring lines on inner wall
  • Secure grip handle


  • Bowls -
  • Diameter: 5"
  • Height: 2.5"
  • Overall Dimensions (Assembled) -
  • Height: 6"
  • Width: 10.25"