Foil It Tri-Colored Brush Set

$9.99 $8.99

Financing: $1.00/month


Product Description

Why are there ever enough color brushes around? Well, make sure there are with this set of three brushes that come in purple, black, and pink. Get in close and personal with these brushes featuring AccuSoft bristles, and make sure those roots and highlights are done right. These brushes also have rat tail handles in case you need to separate or partition hair with a widened section near the brush end to form better to the hand and reduce fatigue. So stop worrying about having enough good color brushes around so you can take care of your client waiting patiently covered in foil.


  • Purple, Black, and Pink brushes
  • Great precision
  • Thicker handle for better comfort
  • AccuSoft bristles



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Customer Reviews

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