Fanola Oro Puro Hair Coloring Cream, Intense Natural [.00 Series]

Color:5.00 Intense Light Chestnut

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UPC: 8032947868032

Intense Natural [.00 Series]

Healthy hair means healthy color. That's the truth that drives the Oro Puro permanent hair color line from Fanola. The formula is completely ammonia free, and uses keratin proteins to help strengthen the hair and repair damage. Each color is illuminated and protected by argon oil and sweet cypress which also creates a layer of UV protection while boosting volume and smoothness. And to add that extra dose of brilliance and protection to your color, Fanola added micro-particles of gold that transfer into the hair structure and brighten the color. With 40 different shades and 3 superlightners, you can use the Color Keratin Oro Puro cream to pave the road from the vision in your head to your clients hair. *NOTE: For professional use only. Not intended for retail use. If this product is not used properly by a licensed professional, it may cause harm.*

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