Fanola No Yellow Bleaching Lightener, 15.9 Fl Oz

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Product Information

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The anti-yellow leader has launched a new range that rounds off the technical offer to achieve a perfect and pure blonde.

Cool tones such as platinum blonde, Nordic blonde, and silver color continue to be the absolute hair color trend. Globally, this has led to significant growth in pre-lightening service in the salon.

To achieve perfect blonde, this technical service must necessarily rely on formulations that protect the hair fiber and offer an illuminating cosmetic effect: Fanola has developed a new range of pre-lighteners: No Yellow Color Bleaching is part of the No Yellow Color range by Fanola, featuring extremely performing technical products designed for coloring and pre-lightening, which then neutralizes the unwanted tones during in-salon services.

No Yellow Color Bleaching includes three powder products, each featuring a different pigment to minimize yellow, orange, and red tones; the grey pigment cream deposits on the hair during the pre-lightening process, which allows a cleaner tone. 

The new pre-lightener stands out thanks to two special products: Compact Blue Lightning Powder which is a pre-lightening powder featuring a patent-pending* technology by Deco-cuddle Professional. Formulated with a natural “osmotic protector” active ingredient, it improves the condition of the entire hair structure, preventing the protein structure from dehydrating; Black Lightening Cream is a pre-lightening powder featuring grey Micro-pigments. Unwanted yellow tones are neutralized during the lighting process while ensuring silver results on very light bases without toning, thus reducing application times.

Compact Blue Lightning Powder

Thanks to its blue pigments, Compact blue pre-lightening powder can minimize orange tones, maintaining the hair protein’s osmotic balance, while protecting its keratin structure at the same time. Hair is left highly moisturized during and after pre-lightening, and it can reach up to 7 depths.

Protective Violet Lightning Powder

A compact violet pre-lightening powder is able to minimize the unwanted yellow tone during the pre-lightening process, lifting up to 7 depths.

Protective Green Lightning Powder

An ammonia-free, green pre-lightening powder is able to minimize the unwanted red tones thanks to its green pigments, without ammonia. Ideal for gradual and gentle pre-lightening, able to lift up to 5 depths.

Black Lightening Cream

Black pre-lightening cream with neutralizing properties. Thanks to its grey pigment that deposits during the pre-lightening process, it allows much cleaner shades. Featuring a formulation based on conditioning oils, hair results are soft and healthy. In addition, Black Lightening Cream can achieve a silver effect on very light bases, without toning, lifting up to 7/8 depths.

No Yellow Color Bleaching is combined with Violet Developer, the new violet oxidating cream that helps to neutralize better warm tones to offer a complete professional system in order to achieve a perfect blonde in the salon.