Fanola Hair Color Removing Kit
Fanola Hair Color Removing Kit

Fanola Hair Color Removing Kit


Financing: $2.00/month

Product Description

It's time for a change, and when it comes to hair color, that usually means some pretty severe damage to the hair. Whether you need to transform a bad color job, or your client just decided to go in a different direction, Fanola made this hair color removing kit to lift those tones with a gentle process. This kit goes after artificial colors specifically so you can shift the shades without lightening your client's natural hair color or weakening the structure. *NOTE: For professional use only. Not intended for retail use. If this product is not used properly by a licensed professional, it may cause harm.*


  • Removes color without affecting natural pigment
  • Allows color change without damaging hair structure
  • Comes off easily with shampoo and rinse



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