Euro Beauty Salon Shampoo Chair Backwash & Sink Bowl

$999.99 $699.99

Financing: $21.00/month


Product Description

This unit will ease into your salon like it was meant to be there and enchant your client with its suave, gently curving design. It's a charming spectacle of soft PVC vinyl and open chrome arm rests, leaning back into the sleek porcelain of tilt-bowl. Pull out the foot rest for the complete 56 inches of relaxation. The sink also features a long-lasting rubber spray hose with a sturdy chrome faucet handle. And you can wipe away your worries on all the smooth, easily-cleaned surfaces. It's a smooth way to bring in fashion and luxury to shampooing. You should check your City Code to see if a Vacuum Breaker (MS-03) is required. Add a Hair Trap (MS-13) to guard the pipes. Add a Neck Rest (MS-31) to guard the neck.

Reclined upscale chair
Fold-out foot rest
Floor and wall openings for plumbing
Drain assembly with female connectors
Includes a rubber spray hose (MS-38), a Flex Tube (SG-07) and Cap Cover (MS-10)

Dimensions - Width: 19.5" x Height: 37.5" x Depth: 42.5" to 56"
Bowl Dimensions
Length: 22.5"
Width: 21"



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