Brunette Blonding 101 with Fanola Pro Carlos POSTPONED

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*This class has been postponed due to the Coronavirus - New date to follow*

Brunette Blonding 101 with Fanola Pro Carlos Rojas @carlosrojas911 at:

Global Group Hairdressing
1130 Dragon Street Suite 170
Dallas, TX 75207

Join us for our Education Class on *Postponed until June* from 10:00am - 3:00pm for a Brunette Blonding 101 with Fanola Pro Carlos, located at Global Group Hairdressing in Dallas, TX! Carlos has been perfecting his craft for the last 8 years in the Dallas area, his passion and expertise lay in Balayage, Brunette, and Blonding services.
Food and beverages will be included.

What you’ll learn during this education class:

Carlos will be demonstrating lightening a natural brunette on a live model, he will also be talking about some of his favorite Fanola formulas, how to blonde a brunette, and situations you may encounter when lifting a brunette’s hair level in the salon. 

  • How to mix and apply Fanola No Yellow Cream Lightener
  • Formulate and apply our No Yellow and Oro Therapy Color Line
  • Application tips on taking a brunette to blonde 
  • Benefits of the Fanola color lines
  • Creating the perfect face-framing pieces
  • High-level lifting tips and techniques, while maintaining the hair’s integrity

Ticket Pricing $100

Those who attend will go home with a Fanola Goodie Bag that is valued up to $100:

  • Fanola Vegan No Yellow Shampoo and Mask, 350ml
  • Fanola No Yellow Color 8 ICE and 9 ICE
  • Fanola No Yellow Cream Lightener 
  • Fanola Fiber Fix n2, 100ml
  • Fanola Cream Developer 3.5, 10 and 20-vol, 300ml

** Tickets are non-refundable.*