BeautyLove Your Highness Styling Apron

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The clients might be the ones sitting in the thrones, but in the salon you're the queen of beauty. Wear that title with pride with this royal blend of nylon and polyester. It's light and comfortable behind all those glimmering looks, and the material is water and color resistant so your dignity won't be marred by stains. The two pockets have zippers in the bottom so you can clean the hair out easily, because no queen needs hair in her pockets. And the designer crown pin ties the whole image together with a glimmer at your shoulder.


  • Designer pin.
  • Side snap adjustable neck.
  • Two zippered pockets.
  • Anti slide top.
  • 48% Nylon, 52% Polyester.
  • Water & color resistant.


  • 25" x 26"
  • Item # B1205
  • All dimensions are approximations.