Foil It Balayage Brush Set
Foil It Balayage Brush Set

Foil It Balayage Brush Set

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Product Description

It's not balayage without a brush, and better brushes lead to better results. That brings you to Framar's brush set, made specially for free-form hair coloring methods. When you have your color mixes ready, reach for these vibrant and lightweight brushes to get the job done right. They'll feel like feathers in your hands so it's all about technique. This set includes an angled brush to help you get bleach and color on just the right side, with just the right comfort. The bristles are set close for a thicker, uniform application so you can create bold designs.


  • Great for balayage and other free painting techniques
  • Lightweight plastic
  • Close bristles for thick application


  • 1 angled brush
  • 1 straight brush



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