SalonGuys Warranty

Salon Guys Guarantee, Limited Warranty, Terms and Conditions

Salon Guys guarantees all products sold on our website to be free of defects and damages upon delivery and shall include all intended and necessary parts or pieces for each item. In addition, Salon Guys guarantees all products will perform as advertised on the individual listings for each item. This does not include if an item performs less than the standards of each client. If a client receives an item that does not conform to our guarantee, the client is responsible for  providing written or verbal notice to Salon Guys so we may rectify the issue by repairing or replacing parts or entire items depending on the extent of the damage and consultation of our technicians. Complete correction of any issue brought forth by the client shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of Salon Guys in regards to the quality and advertisement of the products.

The above warranty applies to all products listed on our website. Any hydraulic base is covered for no more than a period of one year. This includes failure to withstand general wear and not extensive use. Our electronic appliances, including hot irons, blow dryers, box dryers, facial steamers, and skincare machines, are covered for a period of six months. This does not include damage caused by water, tampering, modifications, mishandling, abuse and/or misuse of appliances.  For all remaining products, the warranty is valid for one year. The warranty is effective once the item or items have shipped from our warehouse. Parts for items with expired warranties may be purchased separately, however they are not covered under warranty nor will it extend the warranty period of the original item. After the Salon Guys warranty has expired the manufacturer’s warranty for goods sold will be the only option available to the client. The manufacturer, at their own discretion, may repair or replace goods according to the policies set forth in their warranty. It is the client’s responsibility, and not Salon Guys, to contact and return damaged products directly to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. 

In the event a product must be returned for repair or replacement and the product has been in the possession of the client for less than 30 days, Salon Guys will issue a return tag to have the item sent back to our warehouse at the expense of Salon Guys. If an item must be returned for repair or replacement after the 30 day period, the client is responsible for shipping the item(s) to our warehouse and any shipping fees shall not be reimbursed by SalonGuys. Any labor or repair of all returned products does not renew or extend the warranty.

What is the warranty procedure for electric tools?
For all electric tools, we are happy to assist with product defects for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Beyond that, all issues are to be taken directly to the product manufacturer.

Dropping off an item for repair?
For local clients, returns may be brought in personally. Please be advised there is a minimum wait time of 24 hours or more. Per the terms of the warranty, we must attempt to repair the item prior to replacing it."


Styling Chair Pumps & Bases - $45.00 each.
Premium Styling Chair & Barber Chair Pump & Bases - $80.00 each.
Facial or Hair Steamers, Dryers, Lamps, & Towel Warmer - $45.00 each.

We at Salon Guys strive to the best of our abilities to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on our website. As in every company, errors may occur. This may include but is not limited to: misprints, omissions or occasional inaccuracies. Salon Guys does not guarantee all information including, but not limited to, product description, pricing, and stock availability is accurate or complete. 

Salon Guys reserves the right to edit content on our website without prior notice or liability to any single person. This includes, without limitation, sale prices, coupon codes, and stock quantity for any item.

If you have any questions about our Warranty, please contact us.