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Olivia Garden Pro-Tech All Purpose Apron

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Product Information

UPC: 752110980269

Sit your client down in the chair, wet, shampooed hair and all, and equip yourself with all the tools you need to finish the job off with this Pro-Tech all purpose apron. Your clothes will stay dry and safe from color stains under the slick material of this apron. And when you're ready to start painting, you'll be able to keep all your most important tools right in the tool belt sewn into the apron. You can grab and switch your combs, clips, and brushes without any effort.


  • Water and stain proof.
  • Clip closure for neck and waist.
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric.
  • Anti-Static.
  • Reinforced, slanted pockets keep hair out.
  • Handy tool belt.
  • *NOTE: Tools are not included.*


  • Size: One size fits most