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Fanola Specialty Hair Care Packages, 350 ml

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Style:After Colour

Product Information


Large size available for $19.98

We have shampoo with every hair type.  Now receive a free Nutri Care Conditioner when you try any of our specialty shampoo for your hair needs.

Frequent Use - Opens hair follicles and leaves hair voluminous
Smooth Care Straightening - Reduces frizz
Curly Shine Curly And Wavy Hair - Maintains easy, healthy curls and reduces frizz
After Colour Care - Preserves colour intensity & shine
Nutri Care Restructuring - Every Day shampoo.  Ideal for dry, frizzy, and treated hair
Volumizing - Restore vitality and elasticity and gives volume to roots
Energy Energizing Prevention - Nourishes and stimulates bulb activity; promotes hair growth
Rebalance Anti-Grease - Fights sebum build up; Ideal for oily hair
Purity Anti-Dandruff - Dermopurifying; ideal for dry and flakey scalp
Sensi Care Sensitive Scalp - Prevents redness and makes hair soft and shiny; ideal for sensitive scalps

Nutri Care Conditioner:
  • Ideal for dry, frizzy, and treated hair
  • Milk proteins leave hair silky, soft, brilliant, and easy to comb
  • Codes the hair with vitamins
  • NOTE: Milk fragrance may alter the color of the product

*Note: After Colour Care and Volumizing comes with it's own conditioner type.