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Floor Protector for Barber Chair Bases

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Product Information

UPC: 736983052926

The barber chair is paragon of dignity in the beauty industry, but even a barber chair has nooks and crannies to attend to. Since they're so heavy, a base without a floor protector poses a threat to tile or hardwood floors. And you know there's a clump fur growing under that base after hours of haircuts. A floor protector keeps the hair out, and the metal edges away from the floors. Don't let your business fall into a drab picture of cracks and hair when you could prevent it with a small simple part.


  • Durable rubber for long lasting wear
  • Protects round bases between 26.5" to 28"
  • Trouble-free removing and installing


  • Fits our BC-01, BC-02, BC-04, & BC-10
  • Diameter: 26.5" to 28"