Violet Ash Blonde

Violet Ash Blonde



Artist: James Miju
Instagram: @dearmiju
YouTube: MIJU VAN Los Angeles
Products Used: Fanola


Fanola Color Formula(s) and Steps:

Step 1:
Client started with a year's amount of level 3 regrowth and levels 8-10 previous highlights with some natural dark strands present.

Step 2:
Hair was lifted with Formula 1 and processed for about 45 minutes while checking every 10-15 minutes.

Formula 1 (Lightener):
Fanola Oro Gold Therapy Bleaching Powder + Fanola 30-volume developer + Fanola Fiber Fix n1 Bond Fixer

Step 3:
Hair was washed with the Fanola Fiber Fix Shampoo and Fiber Fix n2 Bond Connector.

Formula 2 (Zone 1):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 5.1 + 5.2 + Fanola 3.5-volume developer

Formula 3 (Zone 2):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 8.1 + 5.2 + Fanola 3.5-volume developer

Formula 4 (Zone 3):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 10.1 + 10.2F + Fanola 3.5-volume developer

Step 4:
After toning, the hair was washed with the Fanola Fiber Fix n2 Bond Connector for 10 minutes.

Step 5:
Hair was styled with the Fanola Nutri Care Restructuring Fluid Crystals and Nutri Care Restructuring Cream

*Recommended home maintenance products include the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and Mask. To keep the lavender tones, use the Fanola Rosa Color Mask and Lavender Color Mask.

Fanola Formula Video:

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