Naturally Frosty

Naturally Frosty

October 13, 2018

Artist: Richiee Anguiano
Instagram: @richieelewinski
Products Used: Fanola


Fanola Color Formula(s) and Steps:

Step 1:
BB Light entire head with thin sections, for maximum lift. Started with 20vol and Fanola ORO 24k lightener(with fiberfix) , moving into 30 vol for equal lift. 

Step 2:
In between each BB light, lighten all pre-lightened strands with Fanola NO YELLOW violet lightener. (30vol) leave out open

Step 3:
Pre-tone with No Yellow Vegan Shampoo

Formula 1:
Mids and Ends: No Yellow Color Toner T:02 (10g) + 8ICE (15g) + T.21(5g) + violet booster + 20 vol.

Step 4:
Process for 25 min

Formula 2:
Shadow-Root:  5.1 + 4.0, equal parts + 3.5 vol

Step 5:
Process for 10 min

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