Luscious Ash

Luscious Ash

August 4, 2018

Artist: Jenna
Instagram: @hairandstyle_jenna

Products Used: Fanola


Fanola Color Formula(s) and Steps:

Step 1:
Client came in with regrowth level 4 natural hair down to her eyebrows. We lightened her with 30 vol on the top and cocktail bleached the ends with 5 vol and shampoo. Hair was lightened to a level 8 on roots and 9/10 on ends.

Step 2:
Hair was pre-toned with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo.

Formula 1 (top):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 6.11 (50g) + 7.11 (50g) + Fanola 3.5-volume developer (200g)

Formula 2 (mids):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 8.1 (20g) + 9.1 (20g) + Fanola 3.5-volume developer (80g)

Formula 3 (ends):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 9.1 (50g) + purple additive (one drop) + Fanola  3.5-volume developer (50g

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