November 24, 2018

Artist: Mariah
Instagram: @mariahmpeoples
Products Used: Fanola


Fanola Color Formula(s) and Steps:

Step 1:
The client's hair was lifted to a level 9/10 using the Fanola No Yellow Lightening Cream with 20 volume developer for about 45 minutes.

Step 2:
Applied Formula 1 onto the hair.

Formula 1:
Fanola No Yellow Color 9 ICE (1 oz) + T.021 (0.5 ooz) + T.11 (0.5 oz) + 3.5 volume developer

Step 3:
Processed the hair for 20 minutes.

Step 4:
The hair was washed with the Fanola Vegan No Yellow Shampoo and Nutri Care Restructuring Mask.

Fanola Products Used:

9 Very Light Ice Blonde

T.021 Blue No Yellow Toner

1000 mL - 3.5 Vol

Default Title

Shampoo, 350 ml

1000 mL - 20 Vol


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