September 21, 2018

Artist: Richiee Anguiano
Instagram: @richieelewinski

Products Used: Fanola


Fanola Color Formula(s) and Steps:

Step 1:
Baby light the whole head. Started with 20vol with Fanola No Yellow Violet Lightener, moving into 30 vol for equal lift.

Step 2:
Paint lightener with 30vol on mids and ends (open, no foil) on strands left out. Retouch lightener on ends that are in foil to lighten.

Step 3:
Mids and Ends: No Yellow Color toner T:02 (10 g) + 9 ICE (20g) 
10 vol. 
Root melt: 5.11 (15g) 3.5 vol


Fanola Products Used:

1000 mL - 20 Vol

1000 mL - 30 Vol

9 Very Light Ice Blonde

1000 mL - 10 Vol

5.11 Light Chestnut Intense Ash

1000 mL - 3.5 Vol


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