August 31, 2017

Artist: Stan Woo
Instagram: @mrwoostudio
Products Used: Fanola

Fanola Color Formula(s) and Steps:

Step 1:
After bleaching, applied the Fanola Fiber Fix Shampoo and Fiber Fix n2.

Formula 1 (Roots):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 5.11 (50g) + 5.22 (5g) + Fanola 3.5-volume developer (105g, 1:2) + Fanola Fiber Fix n1 

Formula 2 (Middle):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 8.2F (60g) + 7.11 (30g) + Fanola Intensifier Violet (2g) + Fanola Fiber Fix n1

Formula 3 (Ends):
Fanola Hair Coloring Cream 9.1 (60g) + 9.11 (20g) + 5.22 (8g) + Fiber Fix n1

Step 2:
Applied the Fanola Fiber Fix shampoo and Fiber Fix n2 after toning.

Step 3:
Applied the Fanola Smooth Care Protecting Serum before and after blow drying and styling.

Fanola Products Used:

n3 Fiber Shampoo, 1000 ml

n1 Bond Fixer, 500 ml

n2 Bond Connector, 1000 ml

5.11 Light Chestnut Intense Ash

5.22 Light Chestnut Intense Violet

7.11 Blonde Hair Intense Ash

8.2F Light Blonde Fantasy Violet

9.1 Very Light Ash Hair Blonde

9.1 Very Light Ash Hair Blonde

Fanola Smooth Care Protecting Serum, 100 ml


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