Ash Silver

Ash Silver

October 8, 2017

Artist: Lisa
Instagram: @beautyonthegrind
Products Used: Fanola


Fanola Color Formula(s) and Steps:

Step 1:
Lifted the hair with Formula 1 and toned with Formula 2.

Formula 1:
Fanola Oro Gold Therapy Bleaching Powder + Fanola 30-volume developer (60ml) + Fanola Fiber Fix n1 (7ml) x3 bowls

Formula 2:
Fanola Oro Puro Hair Coloring Cream 10.1 (85g) + 8.1 (15g) + Fanola 10-volume developer (102ml) + Fanola Intensifier Blue (2g) + Fanola Fiber Fix n1 (7ml)

Step 2:
Before styling, washed the hair with the Fanola No Yellow shampoo and No Orange mask for a smokey effect.

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