We carry everything you need to equip a well functioning beauty, barber, hair, nail or facial salon.

Here's what Salon Owners have to say about our service:

"If you're a salon owner, you know how important it is to market in a fresh, exciting way to keep the business coming in. Over the years I've purchased for Salon Guys and never been disappointed. These guys are great."  - Ally C. 

"Salon Guys are an amazing company. I have ordered with them twice now and both times have been extremely pleasant and very easy to order from. If you need anything for your salon care needs , hit up Salon Guys. They’ll treat you right." - Lindsay H.

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"Instagram worthy" on a budget

 What our clients have said: 

" The experience was excellent from start to finish. They were delivered quickly and all parts were in perfect condition. I’ve used the shampoo set-up all week and even my short (and I mean short) people don't get wet!!"  - Celeste

"These wash sinks are great! There are easy to use. The clients rave about how comfortable they are." - Jessica B.

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Polished to Perfection

Set up your shop with facial beds, and lamps to equip yourself with the necessities for makeup and skin beautification.

What customers have said:

"Love our Lash Chair! Our clients have an easier time getting in this chair than on the massage table we were using. We love the space it saves in the lash room!" - Shelly B.

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